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Here Are 6 Ways to Start Your Week Off On the Right Foot

Here Are 6 Ways to Start Your Week Off On the Right Foot

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Focus on value

Focus on value

The key to any productivity system is to focus on value, not effort.

Instead of focusing on completing as many tasks as possible from your to-do list, focus on the highest-impact actions that will create long-term value.


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Do a mind sweep

This process walks through a list of prompts in different categories, looking for things you're trying to remember and commitments you've made and gets them out onto paper.

It will help you clear your thoughts and get the distractions out of your head.


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Review the week to come

Review the week to come

Take the time to review the coming week's schedule and organize it into large chunks of time, with tasks grouped by importance and urgency.

It will make it easier to manage your work.


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Look forward

... to three to five weeks out, for anything that requires you to take any kind of action in the next seven days (travel arrangements, larger project work, and creative development).


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Reflect on the week that passed

Reflect on the week that passed

Do this to see if there are some activities or events you may have missed.

Also, think about what went well and what didn't and think of ways to improve for the future.


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Keep your long-term goals in mind

Check your quarterly objectives and key results. 

Based on where you want to be at the end of the quarter, check to see where you need to make progress and set tasks for the coming week.


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Sort by urgency and impact

Sort by urgency and impact

Once you have your tasks and reminders written down, start to sort and organize, using these 2 big criteria:

  • urgency (how critical a task is for the following week)
  • impact (the value a task creates).


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"Dreaming big means planning big." - Patrick Llewellyn

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