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Predictions Vs Reality

Predictions Vs Reality

In a comprehensive study, many people were asked about the time taken for them to make decisions regarding their life partner, their choice of beverage, and evaluation of various kinds of data. In all of the cases, there was a false belief in the individuals that they would utilize more information than what they eventually did.


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The Various Kinds Of Bias While Deciding

Humans falsely believe that we process information in an incremental, linear way.

  • The Anchoring Effect suggests that the first pieces of information are weighted in a much heavier way than subsequent pieces.
  • The Empathy gap makes people fail to understand just how deep each separate piece of information is, viewing it just like a dry statistic.


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Blink-Of-An-Eye Decisions

Some on-the-spot gut instinct judgements are often remarkably accurate, and can also save time.

On the flip side, many judgements based on a simple observation snowball into a series of missteps due to the problem of self-fulfilling prophecy, where confirmation bias makes the person see the very thing that is already believed as true.


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Everything in life can teach you a lesson. You just have to be willing to learn.

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