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4 Steps to Clearing Your Emotions

4 Steps to Clearing Your Emotions

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Step 4: Bring In The New

Step 4: Bring In The New

Focus on getting rid of the unnecessary and harmful, so you can make way for the new beliefs and ideas about yourself, not based on the past, but on the future you are creating.

If you want results you must do this continuously, so you don’t accumulate so much unconsciously. 


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Step 3: Feel That Old Pain

Step 3: Feel That Old Pain

We tend to avoid thinking of painful things. But if you stay with the feeling, the feeling eventually dissipates.

Allow yourself to feel what's associated with past experiences to make the pain and the behaviors it causes go away, leaving only the memories.


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Step 2: Identify The Feeling’s Source

Step 2: Identify The Feeling’s Source

The emotion you are feeling today is rooted in the past, in a story that repeats itself because the original feeling has never been dealt with.

The person you think is causing all this pain is just the catalyst for you to uncover your emotional triggers, so you can move past them in a balanced way. Adopting this mindset allows you to go from victim/perpetrator to empowered self-knowing creator.


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Step 1: Look For Emotional Patterns

Step 1: Look For Emotional Patterns

We often let our emotions run through unexamined, but that robs us of valuable insight. Focus on the feeling and the context they appear so you can work towards getting rid of unhelpful patterns.


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