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The Psychology Behind Soulmates, And Whether Or Not They Actually Exist

The Psychology Behind Soulmates, And Whether Or Not They Actually Exist
We often hear the term " soulmate ", but how many of us actually believe in such a concept? How many of us believe that there is one specific person out there, that is "meant" to be with us ...and us with them?


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Believing in the soulmate concept

Believing in the soulmate concept

If you are in love with the person, believing that you are soulmates can strengthen the relationship.

However, if you are to end a relationship with someone who you thought was your soulmate, can make the recovery almost impossible.




The existence of soulmates

Soulmates are only an artificial construct in our minds as a result of the movies we see and the songs we listen to.




Love at first sight is based on imagination

Love at first sight is based on imagination

Most people understand love at first sight to be falling in love with a stranger when they see them for the first time. But love at first sight is based on stereotypes, imagination, and ass...

What makes a stranger stand out to you

If you have experienced love at first sight, think what made the stranger stand out to you.

  • Did the person resemble someone you had a relationship with before?
  • Did the person cause you to feel nostalgic about an old friend? If so, that "love" may have been only a subconscious connection, where your brain remembered a positive impact of a previous relationship.

Our subconscious mind connects facial features with characteristics

Knowing this, you may understand why some are certain about the possibility of love at first sight.

But it doesn't make the potential resulting breakup easier. It leaves us feeling like we lost something destiny had intended.

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Destiny beliefs vs. growth beliefs

Destiny beliefs vs. growth beliefs
  • Destiny Beliefs: I am destined to be with a specific person. I have a soulmate. 
  • Growth Beliefs: Relationships progress slowly and we grow to fit together. Relations...


Have you been overcome by a break-up? Do you run the moment you have trouble in your relationship?

Examine your relationship patterns and connect them to your idea about soulmates. If you are a destiny believer, see if it serves you. If you are a growth believer, examine if you can learn from it.

Changeable or Unchangeable

There is a distinction between a fundamental value difference in a relationship and an annoyance.

Think about your deal breakers. Were they fixable? Compromise-able? Changeable?

Social media stalking your ex

When we are stalking our exes on social media, we will find something we don’t want to see. But the subsequent feel of your heart dropping and the jealousy aren’t conducive to getting over your heartbreak.
Burn all cyber-bridges - limiting your access to your ex will automatically make you feel better.

When everything makes you cry

The emotional pain of a breakup often results in your body pumping itself full of cortisol, which suppresses the immune system and affects coping mechanisms.

The first step in fixing the problem is understanding that it is normal, according.  So if the littlest things are making you cry, take a moment to recognize that it is most likely caused by your body's response to the breakup.