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The 9 Biggest Health Myths Debunked

The 9 Biggest Health Myths Debunked


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Washing your hands in warm water kills germs

We have all learned to wash hands in warm water. However, it does not fight germs. Water needs to boil to kill off germs.

The time spent rubbing and scrubbing hands is more important for killing germs.

Tilting your head back cures nosebleeds

You should actually sit up straight and tilt your head slightly forward to prevent blood from running down the back of your throat.

Using ice to shrink the blood vessels, accompanied with light pressure, should settle the bleeding.

Carbohydrates make you gain weight

Research reveals that people gain weight because of excess calorie intake and lack of exercise, not because of the proportion of dietary fat or carbohydrates.

Blood is blue and turns red when exposed to air

There is no such thing as blue blood. Blood appearing blue is an optical illusion. The maroon red color appears blue because light is diffused through the skin.

Parts of your tongue taste different flavors

A psychologist interpreted a 1901 German study that suggested that sections of the tongue tastes specific tastes.

This has been debunked with research. Receptors for the basic tastes are found throughout the tongue.

You can get infections from a toilet seat

There’s a myth that people get STDs and other viruses from toilet seats.

Most germs that cause diseases can only live for a very short time on the surface of a toilet seat.The bigger risk is the germs collected on the sink and door handles from people not washing their hands afterwards.

Stretching prevents injury

Scientific evaluation of the claim suggests there is no difference in injury rates between those who stretch and those who don't.

Stretching probably will not hurt you, so keep doing it if it makes you feel great. 

Fat can turn into muscle

Fat and muscle are not the same metabolic tissues and the one cannot turn into the other.

Instead, when you exercise, the fat burns off and you start building your muscle.

Eating late can cause weight gain

Weight gain caused by eating late is a complex issue with some truth to it.

Some studies indicate that late night eaters overeat because they eat mindlessly when they are tired.

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