The Evolution of TV Dinners from 1920-1950s
  • 1925 - A freezing machine has been invented. This revolutionized the storage and preparation of food
  • 1945 - Frozen dinners were first sold to airlines by Maxson Food Systems
  • 1953- Gerry Thomas contemplated on the leftovers after Thanksgiving. He came upon partitioning leftover frozen Turkey with holiday stables in aluminum trays that were to be heated up in the oven
  • 1955- The Swanson company sold over 10 million trays because more white women entered the workforce and competitors rose.


A Brief History of the TV Dinner

The Evolution of TV Dinners from 1960s - 2020
  • 1960- The number of households with television sets rose to 87% and frozen dinner companies set out advertisements that depicted elegant and modern women
  • 1970- More platter choices were created and found a new niche of audience - the dieters - for the built in portion control
  • 1980- Microwavable trays were invented. This made meal preparation easier than ever
  • 2020- Frozen dinners were regaining the popularity it once had. Americans are spending nearly 50% more than the previous year.



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