5 Self-Care Tips For Staying Sane While Juggling A Demanding Career - Deepstash
5 Self-Care Tips For Staying Sane While Juggling A Demanding Career

5 Self-Care Tips For Staying Sane While Juggling A Demanding Career

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Don't feel guilty for saying no

Don't feel guilty for saying no

There’s no harm in saying “no” to an invitation if you know it will leave you drained for the rest of the week or eat up precious time you could spend on meaningful activities.


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Take control of your time

Take control of your time

Your calendar and inbox can either be your best friends or your worst enemies—it all depends on how you use them:

  • schedule 30-minute open blocks of time into your calendar every day (to each lunch, deal with something urgent or simply for taking a break).
  • set specific times to check for any new messages—and avoid it the rest of the day.


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Accept uncertainty

Accept uncertainty

You’re never going to have complete certainty about everything at work. You have to make your peace with the fact that there’s only so much you can control.

It’s crucial for your self-care that you learn to adapt when the road ahead is unclear.


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Find time for friendships

Find time for friendships

A hectic work schedule demands a strong support system. 

If you focus strictly on your career and forget about the relationships you’ve built with friends and family, then you’ll be on a one-way track to burnout.


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Create routines

Create routines

Going to sleep and waking up at the same time, working out in the morning, reading before bed—a routine imposes structure on an otherwise chaotic day.


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It`s more important to know where you`re going than to get there quickly.

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