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A Guide to Salt, the World’s Most Popular Food

A Guide to Salt, the World’s Most Popular Food



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Salt: The Flavour Potentiator

One of the oldest foods in the world, salt is not as much a flavour in itself as it is an enhancer, bringing out the flavors in all kinds of foods. It makes noodles, watermelon, meat, and all other kinds of food taste richer and generally better.

Humans crave salt as it ha...

Salt is harvested from ocean water, and now increasingly from salt mines, like the Himalayan Pink Salt mine called Khewra in Pakistan. Salt is mined much like coal, with explosives and excavations.

All salt is essentially sodium chloride, and it originates from the oceans ...

Drying the ocean or sea water is a universal way of extracting sea salt, though the french method of retaining some moisture gives it a softer consistency.

Sea salt is also harvested from ponds and is generally from the bottom depths known as oeillets. The french method prefers h...

A dried variant of sea-salt, hawaiian salt is dried using lava beds, giving it a brick-like (red Hawaiian salt) or darker (black Hawaiian Salt) color.

Charcoal is also added to normal sea salt to produce the same effect, and a similar color does not guarantee a similar process of extractio...

The standard cubic crystal salt is known as table salt, with the small and even crystals making it flow from the container easily.

This popular salt may have added anti-caking agents like silicon dioxide or dextrose so that the salt is not clumpy. ...

A non-iodine salt, Kosher salt is of a larger and fluffier shape, which makes it stick to the food it is sprinkled on and detonate it’s flavour. The large crystals of this salt are used to ‘kosher’ meat according to Jewish laws, hence the name.

Many varieties of kosher salt contain a bit o...

This salt is mined from Pakistan and is pinkish in color, and is marketed in an exotic manner, adding to its appeal. The natural pink color glows, and all other properties remain the same as sea-salt.

  • Flake Salt: Pyramid-shaped crystals make this salt brittle and crunchy.
  • Slab Salt: Slabs of Himalayan pink salt are used to serve food, as they retain the heat well. These salt trays are usually the mined slabs of pink salt.
  • Rock S...

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Conscious and unconscious salt intake and sensing modulate cravings for sugar, water, and other things have a direct relationship between the stress system (glucocorticoid system) and the salt craving system if you’re feeling anxious or stressed.



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