These Six Questions Will Improve Your Decisions - Darius Foroux - Deepstash
These Six Questions Will Improve Your Decisions - Darius Foroux

These Six Questions Will Improve Your Decisions - Darius Foroux


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These Six Questions Will Improve Your Decisions - Darius Foroux

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Improve decisions by focusing on the process

Most people assume that good decision making is choosing a course of action that leads to the desired outcome.

In reality, decision making is about how you end up with your decision, not what the decision leads to.


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Before making a decision, don't just ask the obvious questions like "what are my alternatives?" or "what are the consequences?"

Consider instead these questions:

  1. Why might my belief not be true?
  2. What other evidence might be out there?
  3. Are there similar areas I can look for to gauge whether similar beliefs to mine are true?
  4. What sources of information could I have missed?
  5. What reasons could someone else have to support a different belief?
  6. What other perspectives are there?


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Asking yourself critical questions forces you to think about what you can't know.

Critical questions direct you to friends, mentors, communities, books, courses, and even podcasts for insights that encourage an outside perspective.


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As you become open to other perspectives, remember that other people also don't have all the answers. Adopt a stance of not believing everything instantly.

Keep looking for evidence and other perspectives. When you have collected enough information, make your decision.


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  • Analysis paralysis is very common. At some point, you get stuck in the process and can't make a decision. Don't let the fear of making the "right" decision paralyze you. There's no right or wrong outcome. Just outcomes.
  • Extinction by instinct. It is the belief that instincts are effective in decision making. However, it leads to rash decisions.
  • Information overload is when you ask too many people for their opinion. Stick to trustworthy sources and keep them to a minimum.


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