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5 Ways To Take Your Environmentalism To The Next Level

5 Ways To Take Your Environmentalism To The Next Level



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Go Green

Being Eco-friendly is not confined to experts and environmentalists.

  • According to the Yogic concept of Ahimsa, or Non-Violence, man should not be aggressively destroying the environment.
  • There are simple ways to Go Green, and can be followed by anyone.

Turn Off Electronic Devices

75 percent of home electricity is consumed while plugged in but not in use. 

Use LED Light

Use LED light bulbs at your home, as they use 60% less energy.

Don't Buy Plastic

Avoid buying, using or eating/drinking in plastic as much as possible.


You can recycle old clothes, appliances and other household items to help save the environment.

Switch to Organic Foods

Find a local organic farmers market in your locality and switch to Organic produce.

Envoirment friendly Clothes

There is choice now to wear sustainable, environmentally friendly clothes like organic cotton, bamboo, hemp, linen, and silk.

Laundry Water

Even while washing clothes, if hot water isn't used, we save 500 pounds of CO2 emission in a year.

Reduce Carbon Emissions by Going Solar

The cars we drive have carbon emissions and we can become carbon neutral by offsetting our pollution by funding renewable energy projects.

We can also switch to Solar energy products, like solar panels and even electric cars.

Support a Green Candidate

Let the party or candidate you vote for, or donate funds to, be the one who is environmentally conscious.

Reduce use of Appliances

Just by not using a dryer for your clothes, and choosing to dry them out in the sun, you can save 700 tons of CO2 emissions per year.

You can also ride a bicycle, and walk short distances instead of driving a gas-guzzling car.

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