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Sustaining the Environment

Sustaining the Environment

As the world becomes aware of the dangers of plastic and gets more environment-friendly, more and more people are restricting consumption and consumerism.


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Green Buying

Green Buying

Consumers who want to limit the impact on the environment, consume in two broad ways:

  • Green buying: Buying environmentally sustainable products.
  • Reduced consumption: Buying minimal, second-hand or repairing/reusing products.


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Green Materialists

Green Materialists

  • There are people who buy green but keep the consumption pattern up, becoming green materialists in the process.
  • High levels of materialism, whether green or not, is associated with being less happy in the long run.
  • People who less of a consumerist, or materialistic, are happier in life, and genuinely care for the environment, resulting in green choices.


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