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How To Identify the Right Opportunities to Grow Yourself

How To Identify the Right Opportunities to Grow Yourself

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The Concept of Opportunity

The Concept of Opportunity

  • We all want to have great opportunities and think that they will come to us in a planned, direct and transparent way.
  • There exist countless opportunities in this world, but they have to be sought, discovered, and uncovered. 

As an increasing number of people are competing for the same resources, new opportunities are to be searched, like a treasure hunt.


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A Meaningless Life

A Meaningless Life

We all are educated and brought up to eventually fight over conventional roles and definitions in our work and home life.

This competition to grab our share of the limited resources in this world is making life an endless pursuit to nowhere.


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Change in Perspective

Change in Perspective

People who are into new kinds of opportunities are more engaged and dedicated to their work, leading to a better rate of success.

New and unexplored opportunities can be discovered by changing our perspective.


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Our Work Matters

Our Work Matters

Finding new opportunities lies in our working style:

  • Having a positive, connecting and humble attitude.
  • Helping people declutter tasks, easing out any conflicts,  and clearing obstacles.
  • Doing hard work, yet remaining humble.
  • Making seniors notice you by your work, not your words.
  • Becoming a proactive person who gets things done.
  • Staying a learner.


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Helping Others

Helping Others

Find new opportunities in your workplace by:

  1. Coming up with new ideas and sharing them with management.
  2. Introducing and connecting people.
  3. Finding inefficiencies in systems and ways to rectify them.
  4. Working and giving away your ideas selflessly.
  5. Volunteering to do things that others don't or can't do.


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Tough Advice

Tough Advice

Tough things you may have to do to find new opportunities:

  • You have to be ok with others stealing your credit.
  • Start considering any mistake as an opportunity.
  • Not to be a sycophant.
  • Not to feel demeaned by your work, and adding creativity to whatever your job is.
  • Get out of your comfort zone permanently.


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