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In 2020, Resolve To Ask "Why?"

In 2020, Resolve To Ask "Why?"

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Bad Decision Makers

Bad Decision Makers

In a range of computer simulation experiments conducted by theoretical psychologist Dietrich Dörner, some common traits were found in the bad decision-makers:

  • They focus on only one aspect of the problem, but most problems may be multidimensional.
  • They jump haphazardly from one problem to another.
  • They do not factor in the indirect consequences of their actions.


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Good Decision Makers

In the same experiment, there were traits discovered for good decision-makers:

  • They tend to think and act holistically.
  • Their approach towards a problem is systematic.
  • They are willing to try diverse approaches, showing open-mindedness.


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Asking Why

Good Decision-makers always ask 'Why?' Asking 'Why?' several times gets to the core issue and provides us with insight into the real reason for solving a particular problem.


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