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6 Ways to Be More Likable by Saying Very Little

6 Ways to Be More Likable by Saying Very Little



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How To Be Liked

You don’t have to be smart and charismatic to build connections with people — just make a commitment to do the little things right.

Here are a few steps to be liked, while saying little:

  • Don't look at your phone
  • Remember names
  • Leave a good last impression
  • ...

Leave Your Phone Behind

You have to show interest to be interesting, so don't look at your phone, look at the person in front of you and provide your full attention.

Remember Names

Remember people's names, it really helps build a bond. Make it a priority to memorize and say their names to them. It's something we all like to hear.

Leave A Good Last Impression

Leave a good last impression by offering to connect the person you are speaking with to someone in your network who you think they may get along with.

Association is important.

Small Talk

Small talk, like asking about the other person's day, or talking about the weather, comes off as pleasant to many, as it puts them at ease.

Small talk is great if you are talking to a complete stranger too.

Ice Breakers

Having an ice breaker or a conversation starter can be really helpful. You can ask about some tips or advice that relate to their interests, or careers.


A likable person is a good listener and knows when to keep shut and simply listen with intent and genuineness.

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