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6 Ways to Be More Likable by Saying Very Little

6 Ways to Be More Likable by Saying Very Little


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6 Ways to Be More Likable by Saying Very Little

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#1. Bring your notebook to conversations, not your phone

  • The greatest compliment you can give to another person is to truly listen to them and demonstrate that you like the way they think.
  • The words, “I love that, give me a second to write it down,” can never damage someone’s impression of you.
  • Dale Carnegie got it right — “If you want to be interesting, be interested.


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#2. Become a master at remembering people’s names

  • We all know remembering names is important, yet most people admit to being terrible at it.
  • Here’s a little trick: simply ask people to repeat their names at the end of the conversation — “I really enjoyed talking with you. I’m bad with names but I don’t want to forget yours. Would you mind telling me your name again?”


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#3. Focus on leaving a memorable last impression

  • Most people worry so much about how they are going to start a conversation they forget how memorable a strong ending can be.
  • One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is to end the conversation by offering to connect the person you are speaking with to someone in your network who you think they may get along with.


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#4. Show interest in small talk

  • Most people won’t open up to you about the big things in their lives if you don’t express interest in their little day-to-day happenings.
  • Ask people about their kids. Ask them how their job is going. Keep up-to-date with your local sports teams. Hell, even stop to talk to the woman at your corner deli about the weather.
  • These conversations may be boring, but they matter. And when done consistently they open the door for real talk to eventually take place.


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#5. Master a few conversation starters

  • “I’m writing an article about career advice. What’s your best tip?” or “I’m curious, do you think following your passion is good advice or terrible?” 
  • These questions will get people talking about their experiences, careers, and interests and it’s hard not to like someone who does that.


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#6. Recognize when it’s best to keep your mouth shut

  • People may forget what you say, but they will never forget how you made them feel.
  • Sometimes the best way to accomplish this is by simply keeping your mouth shut and focusing solely on being there for people around you.
  • Lean in when you sense something means a great deal to the person you are speaking with.


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