There's an art to happy memories - you can make more by experiencing more "first"s - Deepstash
There's an art to happy memories - you can make more by experiencing more "first"s

There's an art to happy memories - you can make more by experiencing more "first"s

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Cue Words That Tease Memory

Certain 'cue' words have the ability to make us remember the first time we did something, which is more often than not in our growing years, or as a young adult.

Example: the word 'Driving Licence' can stir up memories of our young age, but the word 'dog' or 'lamp' may not.


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The Reminiscence Effect

The Reminiscence Effect or the Reminiscence Bump is something found in every middle-aged or old person: a person's memories of the formative years (15 years to the late 20s) are more easily recalled and fondly remembered.


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First Time For Everything

The 'First-Time' Theory states that our first job, first kiss, and other things that happened to us for the first time, have an extraordinary effect on our memory, leading to greater and more elaborate cognitive processing.

Example: The first year of college, with its many firsts that a person goes through is more easily remembered than the last years.


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Life Speeds Up

As we grow older, life speeds up and it seems the same every day.

Our lack of 'firsts' doesn't let us register anything memorable in this age.


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