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This Is How To Create Happy Memories That Will Last A Lifetime

This Is How To Create Happy Memories That Will Last A Lifetime

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Unplanned Happy Memories

Unplanned Happy Memories

We normally leave our ‘special moments’ to chance. Our cherished memories are usually unplanned, apart from the big occasions like our graduation or the day of our wedding.

We need to learn how to construct events on purpose that can be remembered throughout our lifetime, giving us nostalgic ammunition for our flashback gun.


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Creating Moments Of Elevation

Certain experiences make us feel joyful, engaged, amazed and motivated.

  1. Concerts, museums and great outings engage all our senses, making the moments stand out intensely.
  2. Breaking the routine, or the ‘script’ of life provides us with a pleasant surprise, resulting in little moments of big memories.
  3. Competing in something, like a game or a bet, raises the stakes and creates in us a rush of endorphins, making the event more entertaining and memorable.


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Factors Of Motivation at Work

The number one reason for employees to leave their jobs is the lack of recognition, praise and appreciation.

In research spanning decades, employees were asked about their motivation factors at work and had only one common factor across 46 years, which was the appreciation they got from the employer for their hard work.


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Celebrate The Moments Of Pride

A person does not have to win the Nobel Prize to be appreciated.

Any milestone, no matter how tiny, is a great way to ‘break the script’ and make their life memorable. Build good relationships, deepening them with little surprises of goodness and celebration.


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Moments Of Connection

Working and struggling together in meaningful, challenging situations create great engagement and lifelong bonds.

The team activity which is result-oriented and is of the ‘low-ordeal’ type helps people get closer. This is seen in action in wartime when soldiers become lifelong brothers, having fought a war together.


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