Plastic To-Go Containers Are Bad, but Are the Alternatives Any Better? | Civil Eats - Deepstash
Plastic To-Go Containers Are Bad, but Are the Alternatives Any Better? | Civil Eats

Plastic To-Go Containers Are Bad, but Are the Alternatives Any Better? | Civil Eats

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Country Wide Bans On Plastic

  • Many towns, states are countries are banning everything from plastic bags, plastic straws, checkout bags, and food plastic containers. A lot of food and beverage companies have made a switch to non-plastic items.
  • Plastic that is single-use/disposable is being banned across the world, and many restaurants and cafes have compostable alternatives and are also adding a small charge to the customers' bill. 


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The Problem With The Alternatives

Compostable Tableware, bags and packaging isn't really a solution and is being unadvisedly chosen as the best alternative.

The environmental benefits of compostables are not what they are touted as, because an increase of compostables in the rivers from the waste streams could have unpredictable consequences, and will create more and more trash.


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Recycling Plastic

Recyclable Plastic and the effort towards it isn't problem-free.

There are trash contamination issues with plastic and 79% of it isn't even recycled, but landfilled, or burned.


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Compostable isn't Perfect

While compostable products are termed better than plastic, there are certain issues like toxic chemicals contaminating the food.

The sustainability of compostable products is in question as the environmental impact isn't entirely clear.


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Back To Durable Reusable Refillable

Certain restaurants and cafes are starting to promote the old, long-forgotten culture of using durable, reusable, refillable containers, reducing the consumption-based 'disposable' usage everyone is now accustomed to.


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