How to Argue with a Racist smashes race myths that plague society - Deepstash
How to Argue with a Racist smashes race myths that plague society

How to Argue with a Racist smashes race myths that plague society

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A cry for identity

The term “race” is widely used but isn't scientifically valid. Race is a social construct. For many, it is a desire for identity and belonging.


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  • We are more closely related than we think. A family tree isn't the most scientifically accurate metaphor: Trees branch out while family trees contain loops, for example, as a result of first cousins having children.
  • The commercial genetic tests remain scientifically unconvincing.


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Racist beliefs

The core of many racist stereotypes is that race is a biological classification.

  • We are told that race is a social construct, only to have scientists carelessly mention both race and ethnicity in their research papers.
  • The majority of geneticists think genetic differences between ethnic groups are meaningless regarding behavior or innate abilities. But scientific papers still show genes for complex traits, like intelligence, are along racial lines.
  • Race science is pseudoscience, but genetics and evolutionary research are tied up with race.


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