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Winter Running Tips for Masochists

Winter Running Tips for Masochists

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Running in the Winters

Winter is the peak season for fun activities like skiing, snowboarding, ice climbing, ice skating, curling, and sledding. But some people prefer to pursue running during this time.

Though it may not seem fun (getting wet, getting cold, having your extremities go numb from cold, etc) if you follow some safety and health guidelines, it may still be a rewarding activity.


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Your Clothing and Accessories

When running in the wintertime:

  • Wear long-sleeve tees or light jacket, and gloves.
  • Take care of your clothing layers so that you can sweat without it bothering you in the cold.
  • Wear MicroSpikes if there is snow.
  • Carry a water bottle, one that doesn't leak.


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    Optimize Your Route

    If you choose to run during winter: 

    • Avoid high-snow areas or routes with parallel streets, as it can expose you to sudden cold. 
    • Avoid areas with street puddles, and do not run near the transit route of buses, which can splash you with cold water suddenly.
    • Try to run when there is sufficient daylight. This helps avoid any tripping or falling.

    • If it is snowing, avoid large puddles and slippery surfaces.


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