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Toxic News Bombarded At You 24/7

Most of the sensational news stories we read and watch on TV all day are just to grab our eyeballs and do not even matter any more after a short while.

The more information we have around us, the less we digest, and it makes sense to go over quality (depth of news) than quantity (breadth of news stories).

The way to save yourself from the deluge of news vying for your attention is to have an innovative and counterintuitive approach to information: making a ‘smart information filter’ net.


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Bursting The Bubble Of Information

We need to ‘unsubscribe’ from what everyone else is reading, and randomly pick books or magazines, and even talk to strangers for creating a twist in our information consumption routines, exposing us to fresh new insights.

A good network of people who can guide our thinking can become a better source of curated knowledge.


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Hello My Old Friend, The Newspaper

It helps to trim out your news sources and only read a few good publications, physical newspapers and weekend edition magazines for better insight on current events, and for reducing the noise going in our brain.


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Relax And Travel

  • Travel to those places where you would not find everyone else. Try to take the road less travelled and learn new things while on the road by having new experiences and talking to new people.
  • Embrace silence and learn how to be mindful and self-aware. Stop the chatter in your brain and the mindless talks we keep having and go to places that are quiet and beautiful, like the forest or the mountains.
  • It is also a great idea to simply relax and not to hunt for any information proactively every day.


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A Designated Reading Time

Bill Gates has a ‘Think Week’ every year here he reads academic papers in a solitary retreat.

One has to switch off the information overload (your smartphone) and the TV which constantly fills our minds with junk news and reflect on what you want to read and enjoy.


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Get Off Social Media

  • Don’t go by the trends, instead, look at counter-trends and tread your own digital path. Mainstream news is common and there is too much of it online.
  • One has to collect precious, uncommon information, which is valuable and worth our attention.
  • Turn off your smartphone every evening and on weekends, or if you can, do not even own one.

Do not worry about where the crowd is going.


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