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Here’s why you need to have more bad ideas

Here’s why you need to have more bad ideas


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Creating good ideas

It’s tempting to think that all the good ideas must be taken by now and that there is no possible way to make any new positive contribution.

However, the story of every good idea, every new project, every novel starts with: There was a bad idea. And then there was a better one.

Bad ideas are not your enemy. They are essential steps to better ideas.

Focus on making something worth sharing. How small can you make it and still do something you're proud of? Could you play just one note on the clarinet that's worth listening to?

There is a community of critics and tweakers and tinkerers that are ready to criticize the logo your agency put together. What is scarce are the people willing to make the logo themselves.

Here is then a clue about what to do next: Go first. After you have done th...

We all seek out "good" or even "great". But we need to define what good is before we begin. Twelve publishers rejected Harry Potter, but then it became a worldwide phenomenon and was suddenly good enough.

Judge your work by asking what it is for and who it...

This is not your one and only chance. You won't run out of ideas.

There is no perfect idea, just the next thing you haven't discovered yet. No one is keeping you from posting a video or blogging every day, or hanging up your artwork. You have to do the...

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This came up for me recently when a friend published a great post about the future of WordPress. Myself and a few others left comments on his blog post to start some discussion, but most of the discussion happened on Twitter. The ease of discussion there is great, but it’s already essentially gone. Finding old threads on Twitter can be tricky, but finding that post on his blog will be easy to do into the future.If someone looks back on how this particular WordPress issue was resolved, they’ll find his post (and our few comments there), but almost certainly miss the deeper discussion on Twitter



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