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9 Reasons You Procrastinate (and 9 Ways to Stop)

9 Reasons You Procrastinate (and 9 Ways to Stop)


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9 Reasons You Procrastinate (and 9 Ways to Stop)

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1. You toss self-compassion to the wind.

Solution: Talk to yourself with kindness. Accept that you’re human, and be an optimistic coach rather than a negative critic.


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Your parents, siblings, or other important role models may have demonstrated a “put it off” attitude, which you’ve now adopted as your own.

Solution: Talk to yourself about the negative consequences these role models faced when they procrastinated. Then find new role models to mimic, specifically those who take action and experience positive results because of it.


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  • If you need a skill upgrade, get one.
  • Ask for help if it is available.
  • Use a new cognitive coping self-statement such as, “I can learn as I go,” or, “Extra time on this task will increase the odds of me being effective.”


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Solution: Challenge yourself to open your mind and prove your bias wrong.  Use the task as an opportunity to combat your bias.


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Solution: Make a habit of starting earlier than you think you’ll need to and work on completing your task early.


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Solution: Remind yourself about the gains of the future, and de-emphasize the frustration of the present.


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You think, “It has to be perfect,” and this overly demanding standard keeps you from even getting started.

Solution: Work on diminishing the importance of doing things perfectly and emphasize the importance of completing tasks in a timely fashion. Keep a list of examples of times when perfectionism has been unhelpful to you, and of times when task completion has been more helpful to you.


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Solution: Get proper treatment, including individual therapy with a licensed therapist. In addition to ruling out physical causes for your mood or anxiety.

Sometimes breaking your tasks into smaller, more manageable chunks maybe help.


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Procrastination often comes from a belief that discomfort should be avoided, and you practice procrastination whenever you feel physically or psychologically uncomfortable.

Solution: Challenge your beliefs about tolerating discomfort and revise what you say to encourage yourself to engage in a task.

Focus on the longer-term rewards and start seeing discomfort as a prerequisite for growth, rather than as the enemy.


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