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3 Emotional Intelligence Exercises that Build a Growth Mindset



3 Emotional Intelligence Exercises that Build a Growth Mindset
This is a call to live your life in abundance and victory each day. There's a famous three-word mantra called, "Be-Do-Have." In other words, you have to BE, before you can DO, and DO before you can HAVE. So it goes. ​I want to flip the script on this.


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The 'Have' Mindset

Living your life in abundance and victory, even before you actually attain any of it, is a way to bring it to your life, faster than anything.

Having an unshakable belief that you already ...



Own, Partner, Delegate

Two Emotional Intelligence muscles, self-awareness, and self-management are worked when you use this technique of handling your core responsibilities and tasks, once every week:

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    Meet New People

    Build relationships by meeting new people over lunch or coffee, once a week. Making an effort to meet new people builds your network and helps you in your career in infinite ways.

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    Routines and structure

    Having no routine or structure is so much more draining mentally, physically, and emotionally than any routine could ever be. 

    You're depriving your body and mind of the energy and direction these activities would bring.

    Brian Tracy

    Brian Tracy

    "Good habits are hard to form but easy to live with. Bad habits are easy to form but hard to live with." 

    No e-mails in the morning

    If you immediately check your email or social media accounts when you wake up in the morning, you’re starting your day off in reactive mode instead of proactive. It means spending the best part of the day on other people's priorities.

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    Passion is key to success

    Passion seems to be essential for success and happiness.
    Psychologists have devised tools that can measure passion to some extent. Questions were chosen that carefully differentiate passion from other experiences. Not surprisingly, people who score higher on the passion scale tend to be more committed and less likely to change jobs.

    A career without passion

    While some people have a clear calling from an early age, many spend their whole careers without having ever discovered their passion.

    The most basic foundation of passion is an intense interest in what you're doing.


    Some people tend to see their abilities as fixed, that you either have a talent for something or you don't. Others have a growth mindset where they believe that abilities can change over time.

    These mindsets determine how we face challenges: We either give up when we are faced with difficulties or we persevere knowing that we will improve over time.

    Tim Ferriss

    “A person’s success in life can usually be measured by the number of uncomfortable conversations he or she is wil..."

    Tim Ferriss

    Become very good at living each day

    Momentum is created or destroyed every day with the first few decisions you make.

    If you learn to master your day, you’ll learn how to master your weeks, months, years, and life.

    The things your brain needs in order to thrive

    1. Nutrition: Quality of food you put into your body matters.

    2. Oxygen: The amount of oxygen your brain gets determines how well it functions.

    3. Information: If the brain isn’t firing, it’s not wiring, and this ages it.

    4. Love: The brain thrives on physical touch and emotional connection.