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How To Defeat Codependence From The Inside

How To Defeat Codependence From The Inside


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How To Defeat Codependence From The Inside

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  • Society teaches us an unhealthy kind of love, telling us that we are to search for one elusive, a mystical being that completes us in all aspects. Love need not be codependent, scarce and elusive but can be independent.
  • When we look for approval from others, taking the preferences of people closest to us in hopes of acceptance, we become codependent, and when we become frustrated with this co-dependence, we protect ourselves by being manipulative, evasive and passive-aggressive.


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To defeat co-dependence:

  • Identify the problem.
  • Identify associated thought patterns.
  • Identify the cost of stagnation.
  • Identify the rewards of growth.

Meditation aids our independence from others, helping us become complete and rooted. Meditation provides us with an inner growth that makes us independent and self-sufficient mentally, spiritually and emotionally. It helps us figure out who we are from inside.


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