Degree of Reality

Degree of reality … How far we can determine thing is so real?

We use an example with five senses (or whether we have more than five senses), and because of these we can perceive things.

If there is “thing”, then this “thing” is as far as “thing” limits our perceptions. Or ‘thing” is as far as we can perceive a part of “thing” itself.


What is real?

So, which one is more real? “thing” within dream realm or “thing” on our waking life? Actually it depends on how far for the “thing” in between both realm can limit our perception.

If “thing” in between both realms can limit our perception (whether we can see it or we can touch it or even more) then the “thing” is as real as it “thing”.

What makes us degrading dream realm, it’s because our life is mostly within our waking life rather than on dream realm.

If somehow we are living within dream realm even longer, then eventually we will anticipate the consequences within dream realm by making adjustment on our interaction on dream realm. At this stage, we may consider that “thing” in this dream realm is real in the sense that our actions can be limited by it’s consequences within dream realm. And we will take the consequences within dream realm seriously. thing is real as far as how far we can perceive it.


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