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Job Crafting: Using Your Superpowers To Mold Your Job Role

Job crafting is a mindset that allows us to take the initiative to reshape and redefine our job role, so that it feels stress free, energizing and fun, while staying relevant to us and the organization.

We all have certain superpowers, the special skill sets and strengths that are unique to us, and make us exceptional. We can bring about these superpowers we possess into our current role by focusing on People, Processes and Purpose.


Many people have homegrown family businesses which they were supposed to do by default, even if they didn’t like it. When complaining, the answer was that it is work, and you are not supposed to like it.

Doing a job we dislike for a paycheck has been a common practice for centuries, so we don’t find anything wrong with it. But it is still absolutely wrong. We have to create a work process that energizes us and use our strengths into our work profile in such a way that the process becomes our own non-financial reward.


Many of us can choose to be selective regarding the colleagues that we interact with.

One can recraft the quality of our existing relationship with our co-workers by writing them ‘gratitude’ emails that build connectivity. This can be a thank you note describing the situation and how their effort, advice or action was helpful. The coworkers will most likely appreciate your efforts, improving your relationships.


Our job role has to have meaning and purpose. If it does not inspire you, it is worth tweaking or having a second look. Some work may appear useless, monotonous and stressful, like creating and sending a weekly report that no one looks at.

One can try to understand the impact the task has on the overall goal or vision of the organization. Knowing that you are adding real value is a way to get inspired about your job role.



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