Turn The Ship Into The Storm

Face that obstacle right now. Think about the things you were always afraid of. You need to fix, change or face!

If you go down the road and someone cuts you off, wave to him; if you order chicken and they bring you steak, eat it and say 'thank you'. Why? Because the little problems don't matter anymore. Get bigger problems and solve them. Instead of solving hundred-dollar problems, solve million-dollar problems.

Always remember: they're the same amount of stress, so why not add more zeros?!



How To Overcome Obstacles


Practical Things To Start Improving Your Life
  1. Meditate (being present and not distracted by any thought)
  2. Journal: observe your actions and make small changes where you need to; write down at least 3 things you are grateful for, from that day
  3. Exercise 
  4. Express yourself (be authentic) and don't let unqualified people give you even a hint about what is right and what is wrong (they're projecting their fears onto you)
  5. Observe your thinking: is your self-talk positive or negative? What is the source of your negative thinking? Then eliminate it.


What Stands Between You And Your Next Level Life Is Your Story

If the outcome you imagine is bad, so will become the reality!

Instead of telling yourself: "If I leave my kids (due to a divorce), I'm going to do them what my parents did to me and screw up their life. I'll never be the same", say: "The fact is I can not undo time, so I'm going to build a next level relationship with my kids and my ex" and reality will align (the author went from a life of really bad anxiety to being best friends with his ex and having the best relationship with their kids).



If You Want To Take The Island, Burn The Boats

Screw the what-ifs.

For example, replace, in your relationship with your ex, worrying about your ego and what's fair and keeping score with love (for example, say 'ok, that's what you think and that's just fine').


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