We Keep Avoiding Things We Have To Do

Tasks that are being avoided by us hang around like a dark cloud. Soon there are many such clouds hovering around us. We could start working on a task, but as soon as we think of doing something, we get lost in the cloud.

When a deadline or any other urgency makes us finally tackle the cloud-like task, it changes shape, becomes small, solid and clean. We then realize that the cloud wasn’t the actual task, but was a foggy mess of immaterial stuff. The task is the final product, the solid object which is easier to handle.

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Self Improvement

A cloud is huge and confusing, making us feel lost. Once we get our fingers into the actual task material, the workable stuff we have to do, or the first step we have to take, the whole process becomes limited and consists of doable actions.

Do not get psyched up by the large, vaporous cloud. Just get started on the clear, small task.

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