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The HIIT Workout for Home (Interval Training for Living Rooms) | Nerd Fitness

The HIIT Workout for Home (Interval Training for Living Rooms) | Nerd Fitness
We help many of our coaching clients begin at-home workouts, including HIIT routines, and today we'll share with you exactly how to train without a gym. No gym? No problem! Let our coaches build you an at-home workout! Here's what we'll cover in today's guide for HIIT at home: Let's do this thing!


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High-intensity interval training (HIIT)

Any exercise can be a form of HIIT, if it follows a specific regimen where you vary your speeds and intensity when doing it.

  • Jogging lightly for three minutes.
  • Pushing yourself harder for a minute (run or sprint).
  • Repeating this cycle 4 more times.

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    HIIT home workout

    HIIT workouts generally only last about 20 minutes, which makes them attractive for busy people (most of us).
    A 20-Min HIIT home workout:

    1. Dynamic Warm-up
    2. Bodyweight Squats
    3. Push-ups
    4. Star Jacks (or other dynamic exercises)
    5. Inverted Row (or other pull exercises)
    6. Plank (or other core exercises).
    7. A stretching to cool down.

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    Your goals with home exercising

    Your goals with home exercising

    Consider what you're trying to achieve.

    • If your goal is general health and well-being, a pleasant stroll is sufficient.
    • If you want to lift heavy weigh...

    Heavy kettlebells

    Two heavy kettlebells are the next best thing to a bar and plates. A weight of between 20 and 24 kilograms (45 to 52 pounds) is recommended.

    By using the kettlebells individually or together, you can focus on almost every muscle group by squatting, swinging, pressing, pulling, or pushing them.**

    Resistance bands and a stick

    Two kettlebells might not be enough resistance for movements like squats and deadlifts. Some resistance or pull-up bands can increase resistance when you do "sumo-style" squats and deadlifts by looping one band around your wide-spread feet and through the handles of the kettlebells.

    Add a wooden broom handle, and you have a wide range of new exercises. With a stick and a band, you can do many pulling exercises.

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    CrossFit definition

    It's a training philosophy that coaches people of all shapes and sizes to improve their physical well-being and cardiovascular fitness through varied and challenging workouts.

    Each day, t...

    Scalable based on your skill

    Every day there is a particular workout prescribed that is completely scalable based on your skill. For example, if the workout calls for barbell squats with 135 pounds but you can only do squats with the bar (45 pounds), then that’s where you’ll start.

    CrossFit is perfect for...

    • Beginners to weight training: If you have never weight trained before, CrossFit is a great place for you to start, provided you have a great coach.
    • People looking for support and community: Every CrossFit gym has a really tight-knit community feel to it.
    • Fitness fanatics: The general protocol is 3 days on, 1 day off, but many CrossFitters end up at the gym more frequently. 
    • Masochists: You’ll often be in situations where you use all your effort to finish a workout and continue to push yourself beyond.
    • Former athletes: You get to compete with people in your class and go online to see how you did against the world’s elite CrossFit athletes.



    Calisthenics is a form of fitness consisting of different movements that exercise large muscle groups: running, standing, grasping, pushing, etc.
    You don't rely on anything but a person's own...

    Get your body ready

    Before you start doing any exercises, make sure you're all warmed up.
    Do 5-10 minutes of cardio, just to get your heart rate up a bit.
    Motivation tip: Listening to music can help you feel motivated throughout your workout.

    Mountain climbers

    Muscles worked: abs, obliques, quads, hamstrings, deltoids, biceps, triceps, and the chest.
    Start off in the standard push up position. Pull your knees up to your chest, one at a time, in quick succession. You want to keep your body in a push-up position all the way through the exercise, so don't bob your hips up and down as you're tucking your legs in.  Do 20 seconds three times.