1. Have a List – Many people say, “I know what I have to get done.” But, they don’t have a list. Until you have written your tasks down and compared them against each other, it is difficult to have a clear picture of what is truly important.
  2. Rank Your Priorities – This activity makes people uneasy. However, you need to rank your priorities. Put them in order of importance. When you need to make a tough decision, you will know whether the gym or writing is more important to you. You can always change the order later, so don’t stress this task.
  3. Put Work Before Play – Always do the work before you do the fun. It is easy (and enjoyable) to do the small and inconsequential tasks. It requires discipline to do the hard and distasteful ones first.
  4. Schedule Time for the Important – Don’t let your priorities get overrun by the busyness of your day. Unless you schedule time on your calendar for your priorities, you won’t get around to them. Whether it is a workout at the gym or writing time for your book, put an appointment with your priority on your calendar . (link)
  5. Evaluate Priorities Regularly – What was a priority today, might not be tomorrow. As I mentioned earlier, you can change your mind. Even your life events will shift your priorities.

When you do, you will find that much of tasks you were doing were inconsequential. And the smaller, less important work will fade into the background when you are working on what is truly important to you.



5 Tips to Ensure You are Prioritizing your Priorities - Time Management Ninja

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