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Your Thinking Rate Is Fixed

Your Thinking Rate Is Fixed

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We can't think faster

We can't think faster

You can't force yourself to think faster. If you do, you'll likely make worse decisions.

There is a way to improve the quality of your decisions without resorting to hacks to speed them up.


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Making good decisions with a large amount of information

If you are a knowledge worker, most of your work is trying to make the right decisions using a large amount of information. You need to discern what is the most effective for a desired goal and anticipate potential problems.

You may find yourself wanting to make decisions faster so you can be more productive. But this is a flawed approach.


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The "hurry up" culture is unsustainable

Everyone is trying to work faster all the time, and they pressure everyone around them to work faster too. Examples include:

  • Loading on extra work.
  • Railing against any apparent waste of time.
  • Expecting superb performance all the time.

However, speeding up often results in poor decisions that create future problems. We can't force ourselves to make faster decisions just because we're faced with an unrealistic deadline.


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Our thinking rate is fixed

The rate at which we process information is fixed, Tom DeMarco points out. If you're under pressure, the quality of your decision worsens. You may miss possible angles, won't think ahead, etc.

The clearer you think, the better your decisions will be. This often means you have to slow down and spend more time on your decisions.


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Upgrading your brain

Integrating new, better approaches to thinking does not lead to immediate improvements. It takes lots of time and repetition, just like any other skills.

Making good decisions is hard work and needs reduced pressure. It requires constant learning and verifying what you think you know, especially in the fields where the most relevant information has a short half-life. Instead of thinking faster, try to think better.


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