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Be a Cloud

The system and the surroundings

The only necessary aspect your life and perspective is ‘you’. You are the system, a lone white cloud drifting in an expanse of blue sky. Everything else constitutes this.

Every person, object, even metaphysical concepts of external influence, opinion etc, are simply part of the blue sky invisible to the naked eye.

Don’t be mistaken. There are no other clouds in the sky. Anything you feel is important can never come close to your own importance. Understanding this will make you realise why you are the lone cloud.


The Breeze

Time to understand who everyone else is. Everyone and everything is a breeze. Invisble wind flowing around you.

There and winds that never touch you (people whom you’ll never meet). You can judge yourself what importance such winds hold.

Winds which graze you. Ones of whom you know the presence of but arent affected by. These represent situations and people who you are able to detach yourself with. People you consider aquaintances or situations you forget about the next day.

Winds that guide you. You are on a straight path and winds which come from behind which can both adjust your course and guide you to reach your goals even quicker. They represent you well wishers. People of experience who care about you. They help you acheive your goals, be motivated and are trully there for you. In your life you don’t, shouldn’t and can’t have too many guiding winds. Your parents and your spiritual well wisher are the only ones with you.

Winds flowing against you. Winds coming at you from upfront. Ones which steer you off cource. Hamper you and stop you in your tracks. These describe bad people and bad memories that hurt you and can break you. The smartest thing is to clear away.


Big Storms and Big Clouds

Winds don’t just come at you as a breeze, they can grow to become a storm. But you must first realise. This is a thought experiments but its importance lies in the fact that your thoughts adjust your reality. The type of thought you have towards any situation will decide its fate before you even decide to begin. Be open to adjust your thoughts and follow through.

You thoughts are the decision maker. All the types we just discused before don’t exist on their own. You yourself decide weather a wind is going to help you, hurt you or will have no effect. It also decides if it will have no effect as a whisper or have a massive effect as a storm.

But just as your thoughts control the wind, Your thoughts control you the cloud. You can decide weather you want to become a massive, towering cloud that rises up high and isn’t affected by the biggest of storms. Motivation, positivity and drive help become a massive cloud that isnt affected by any wind but can also be guided by their well wishers.


Other Skies

The reason you are the center of your reality is because everyone is the center of theirs. Everyone is a lone cloud at the center of their empty sky. To you they are just a faint breeze just as you are to them. People aren’t and shouldn’t be affected by the breeze too much. As we discussed you yourself can control to get rid of the winds and be a massive cloud. Learn to control and enjoy the sky. The sooner you realise, the sooner you’ll find out it isnt that hard. Your takeaway should be to control your cloud, get rid of most winds but allow yourself to be guided by the ones that want to help. Because in the end the path of a cloud is decided before it even begins its journey. It only awaits to experience its fate.


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