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Big Storms and Big Clouds

Big Storms and Big Clouds

Winds don’t just come at you as a breeze, they can grow to become a storm. But you must first realise. This is a thought experiments but its importance lies in the fact that your thoughts adjust your reality. The type of thought you have towards any situation will decide its fate before you even decide to begin. Be open to adjust your thoughts and follow through.

You thoughts are the decision maker. All the types we just discused before don’t exist on their own. You yourself decide weather a wind is going to help you, hurt you or will have no effect. It also decides if it will have no effect as a whisper or have a massive effect as a storm.

But just as your thoughts control the wind, Your thoughts control you the cloud. You can decide weather you want to become a massive, towering cloud that rises up high and isn’t affected by the biggest of storms. Motivation, positivity and drive help become a massive cloud that isnt affected by any wind but can also be guided by their well wishers.


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