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The Capacity to Give up on People

The Capacity to Give up on People


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The Capacity to Give up on People

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One thing we see in every movie we have ever watched is that the main character, the hero or the heroine, doesn’t give up. No matter what kind of trouble or hardships arise, they never run away leaving people behind. They have the maturity, resilience and loyalty to not to lose faith in the people they love.

That being said, giving up on one or two people may be a necessity in the course of our lives. Instead of providing certain people with the benefit of the doubt every day, or forgiving them one more time, we might need to let go of someone as a price to pay for keeping faith in ourselves.


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Children cannot give up on their parents or guardians, even if there is cruelty, neglect, coldness, unreliability, meanness, or broken promises. The love certain caretakers provide is blended with dark and unhealthy elements, and yet children keep the faith that the person in charge of them will get better or are not as bad as they seem.

In face of continuous neglect or even torture, the child thinks the problem may be with them


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A child does not have options to run away or get a replacement guardian. Most of them are not even capable of raising their voice and speaking up for the horrible stuff that is happening to them.

As a child is conditioned by every parent, good or bad, to accept the childhood offered to him, the same traits are seen in some even during adults and find ourselves in open prisons, created by others. It is not cowardice or a weakness in our character to walk away from chronically toxic people.


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