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The Four Cardinal Virtues

The Four Cardinal Virtues


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The Four Cardinal Virtues

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The cardinal virtues of Greek philosophy and their benefits

Whenever we lie, cheat, steal, take the easy way out, or ignore others in need, life is immediately easier for us. But after a while, these things weigh on our consciences.

If you choose the virtuous path in each of these situations, you live without regret, with purity, and with good intentions. There is nothing freer than that.

These virtues are regarded by many different philosophers to be the basis for living a good and righteous life:

  • Temperance
  • Fortitude
  • Prudence
  • Justice


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The virtue of Temperance

Temperance is the virtue that deals with self-control and moderation. 

Many things can turn into addictions and it is important for happiness that people be moderate and tempered in their lives.


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The virtue of Fortitude

Fortitude is equivalent to strength and endurance. It means that although we have tough life situations we persevere and continue on a path that will lead us and our loved ones to better outcomes.

Fortitude means to change your perspective and instead of thinking, “I am so unlucky this is happening”, to instead think “I am so lucky because even though this is happening I have the strength to endure it.”


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The virtue of Prudence

Prudence is the ability to discern the appropriate course of action for a given situation.

Many people wrongly think that being a good person means being gullible and naive. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Good people must use the rationality they have to the fullest extent.


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The virtue of Justice

Justice is regarded by many to be the most important virtue and it relates to fairness and righteousness.

Justice is important so that everyone in society has their fair share. It is the fundamental morality we hold as humans.


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