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Sophrosyne: the art of mindful moderation

Sophrosyne: the art of mindful moderation


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Sophrosyne: the art of mindful moderation

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What is sophrosyne?

Sophrosyne is an ancient word. Sophrosyne comes from ancient Greek σωφροσύνη (sōphrosúnē, “soundness of mind, temperance, prudence”), based on σῶς (sôs, “safe, sound”) and φρήν (phrḗn, “mind”).

In The Republic , Plato wrote: “Sophrosyne controls our penchant for concupiscence.”


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Sophrosyne vs Hubris

Choosing sophrosyne over hubris is to choose temperance over impatience, self-control over self-confidence, calm over resentment. To the ancient Greeks, sophrosyne was a key pillar of society, a sign of what they called “moral sanity”.


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3 ways to practice sophrosyne

  1. Practice mindful moderation. Do you really need to buy this product? Do you really want to eat that extra piece of cake? Just take a minute to really think about your decisions.
  2. Cultivate calm amidst chaos. There are many strategies you can apply when things become too hectic to think properly. Journaling, meditation, breathwork, or a discussion with a close friend.
  3. Exercise your self-control. Trying to catch yourself when you lose control of your emotions is a great way to practice sophrosyne.


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