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Sophrosyne: the art of mindful moderation

Sophrosyne: the art of mindful moderation


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Sophrosyne: the art of mindful moderation

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Sophrosyne: The Greatest Virtue

Sophrosyne is the epitome of the most desirable traits of one’s mind and character. It is defined by ancient Greeks as the greatest virtue, describing a sound mind, refined character, self-control, temperance and moderation.

Today’s complicated and often chaotic world requires a person to shun the hubris mindset (extreme pride, arrogance and self-confidence) and move towards sophrosyne. This fourth cardinal virtue is the union of self-knowledge and self-restraint.


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Sophrosyne is a way to feel more in control of one’s emotions, leading a life of moderation, calm and self-control.

  1. One can practise mindful moderation and avoid indulging in unnecessary consumerism. One trick is to delay any purchase for a few days/weeks and then reconsider the decision.
  2. Practise journaling, meditation and breathwork to consciously cultivate a calm mind in this chaotic world.
  3. Practise self-awareness and self-control to consciously build up self-governance and being in charge of your own life.


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