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5 Timeless Skills to Build/Have on Your Resume

5 Timeless Skills to Build/Have on Your Resume


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Creating A Culture Of Learning

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A good mix of all skills.

A good mix of all skills.

There are two different categories of skills; hard skills and soft skills, and employers are looking for a good mixture of both on your resume. While hard skills are often job-specific and include things that can be learned through trainings, soft skills are those which are more inherently part of your personality and difficult to be taught—thus, they are often considered more valuable.We will be focusing on soft skills which are able to be applied to any job and are considered timeless.


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1. Leadership.

1. Leadership.

Leadership is one of the most sought after skills and is essential to include in your resume. Employers want to know you’re self-motivated and decisive.

Even if you haven’t occupied a true leadership position, you probably still played an important role in achieving specific goals within your company. Clearly state the actions you took and the positive results of your work.For example, relaying that you work with a community outreach group in your spare time showcases your skill.


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2. Communications

2. Communications

The ability to effectively communicate, both verbally and non-verbally, is a prized skill. As you may know, in order to be a good communicator, you must also be a good listener. One of the best ways to show your skills is to present your goals and qualifications clearly and concisely while making sure to follow all the employer’s guidelines and requirements when applying for a position.


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3. Collaboration

3. Collaboration

Employers want to know you can help bring out the best in others and are also able to incorporate your specific skill set within a team setting to help bring a broader goal to fruition. In order to demonstrate your qualifications, simply stating you work well with others on your resume is insufficient, and you should provide specific examples of any collaborative teamwork efforts and their related achievements.


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4. Time management

4. Time management

The value of personal time management skills cannot be overstated. Being able to simultaneously manage multiple projects with shifting deadlines and priority levels is a necessary skill to have in order to achieve your company’s goals, as well as yours. To showcase your time management skills, provide examples on your resume that demonstrate times you’ve met deadlines, completed projects early, or delegated work to others in order to complete tasks in a timely matter.


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5. Problem solving

5. Problem solving

In the course of business, sooner or later something is bound to go wrong that will require you to find a solution in order to clear a path for continued success. Whether it be an absent-minded accounting error or a misplaced contract, the speed with which you can solve these issues will have a direct impact on your company’s bottom line. Including any information in your work experience that shows your ability to solve problems is a must.


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