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10 Pillars of a Strong Relationship

10 Pillars of a Strong Relationship


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10 Pillars of a Strong Relationship

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When you are your most authentic self

Being yourself, unfiltered, without worrying if your partner will judge you, is truly a blissful feeling.

When you are in a relationship with a partner that accepts you for who you are, for your entire character and traits.


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Romantic relationships that value and emphasize the importance of friendship are more committed.

This kind of relationship meets the needs of each partner when it comes to caregiving, security, companionship, and offer emotional support, intimacy, and maintain a strong bond.


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A relationship has to provide the space for emotional intimacy and vulnerability.

Strong relationships need no longer put up emotional walls because you no longer worry about your partner leaving, hence a sense of stability.


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Having a lot in common with your partner

It is satisfying to be in a relationship where you and your partner have a lot in common.

For example, if you're both homebodies and just enjoy having the presence of each other, it is a calming feeling.


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Playing as a team

The language your partner often uses includes "we," "us," and "ours" which shows a strong sense of cognitive closeness or a shared identity between the two of you.

Couples who are interconnected like this are more satisfied and committed in the relationship.


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Having a partner who is fully supportive of your choices to better yourself, is exhilarating. Your partner does not tell you to change but rather supports the decisions you make.

Regardless of the situation, you tackle and seek out new experiences together.


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Sharing the power

The powerplay in your relationship isn't held by ego, rather by compassion and understanding towards what each person wants and needs.

It is important to have a say in the relationship because you're more likely to last if you can share or voice out your opinions without letting the ego get the best of you.


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... and who are emotionally stable. When we look for someone we want to marry and be with forever, we usually don't think about their traits however it's surprisingly simple, we all want a spouse or a wife who is: reliable, warm, kind, fair, trustworthy, and intelligent.


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Trusting each other

It seems scary to put all of our trust in someone, but the partner we choose should be someone we can rely on.

Our partners should always have our best interests in mind and will be there whenever we need them. This fosters a healthier commitment towards each other and encourages a greater sense of trust.


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We may be in love with somebody, but we shouldn't ignore the red flags they have. Everyone has problems, but there are some people with problems and it's inevitable we will meet someone who disrespects us, have no sense of loyalty, and cause physical and emotional abuse.

Do not let the "potential" you think you see blind you from the type of person that they truly are.


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