Life Through Intuition And 'Bending' Reality | Vishen Lakhiani with Gerard Adams - Deepstash
Life Through Intuition And 'Bending' Reality | Vishen Lakhiani with Gerard Adams
Life Through Intuition And 'Bending' Reality | Vishen Lakhiani with Gerard Adams
Life Through Intuition And 'Bending' Reality | Vishen Lakhiani with Gerard Adams


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Life Through Intuition And 'Bending' Reality | Vishen Lakhiani with Gerard Adams

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steve jobs

"You can not connect the dots looking forward, you can only connect the dots looking backwards."


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Uncondition YourSelf

Most people are imitations of what other people are doing. 

Many of us are just the photocopy of - 

  • Previous generations
  • Others around us
  • The education system
  • The media ... etc

You need to uncondition yourself from all the things that are affecting you. You don't want to be a photocopy - You have your own canvas - Now you decide what to draw in it.


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Vishen lakhiani

"When you free yourself from culturescape and you follow your heart, your soal will put you at exactly the right place you need to be."


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The Soul Has A Plan

We always get hints from our souls what to do next in our life but those are 'too good to be true' - that's why we never follow them and just become the photocopy of others. 

You just need to follow your 'soul print' or just trust your gut.

When you start following your Soul print the "You will know what makes You 'YOU'.

When you follow your heart - everything makes meaning after sometimes.


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steve jobs

"You have to trust in something your gut, destiny, life, karma whatever because believing that the dots will connect down the road will give you the confidence to follow your heart even when it leads you off the well-worn path and that will make all the difference."


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Creating Reality

Discover the old beliefs that are holding you back and create a new belief system for living. As you apply this belief system to your life, you will create a new reality for yourself.

For that, you need to do Meditation Which will eventually help in better intuition. Just remember this meditation is not all about clearing your mind, it is just going inside your heart and listen to it.


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Hustle Culture

We are trapped in this Hustle Culture where we think just hard work is needed for success. But that is not the whole truth.

We should follow what the real Pros do... first they find something (from their intuition) then they become obsessed with that. Then want to make that dream real and want to contribute to the world with their dreams. When these things happen, success automatically follows them. 


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"Hard work isn't necessary for success."


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Becoming Unstoppable

When the moments break you down, you understand that others may be broken in that moment in their lives.  

Then you get up and fight - quitting is just not an option - you learn from your mistakes and go towards the next step.

You teach others how to deal with that moment - teach them what you have learned from there. 

And if this becomes your model of learning, you'll be UNSTOPPABLE.


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Vishen wants that his legacy to be is to 

"re-engineer how human beings interact with each other to bring more kindness, compassion, and wisdom into the world for at least a billion people."


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