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6 Signs You’re Bottling Up Your Emotions
6 Signs You’re Bottling Up Your Emotions
6 Signs You’re Bottling Up Your Emotions


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6 Signs You’re Bottling Up Your Emotions

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Suppressed emotions

Have you ever put dry ice into the bottle? As the dry ice turns into gas the bottle gradually expands with pressure until it explodes. Bottling dry ice is exctly like bottling up your emotions, there's a time limit before the metaphorical bottle explodes and it can be hard to release the pressure.

The first step in properly processsing your emotions is to recognise that you are closing yourself from them, so here are six signs that you are bottling up your emotions.


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1. You rarely yell or cry, but you erupt over small issues

If find your blood boiling with overwhelming anger over insignificant issues, your outburst over this relatively minor issue can be a sign of deeper more suppressed trouble in you relationship or personal life. Bottling up your emotions can actually make them more powerful.


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2. You distract yourself whenever you start to feel uneasy

Do you find yourself mindlessly scrolling through instagram or guilty binge watching netflix? The tell-tale sign of suppressing your emotions is avoidance. You engage in self-destructive behaviors like drinking or smoking.

You try to escape by-

  • Watching TV
  • Playing videogames
  • Oversleeping

In order to avoid thinking about how you feel.


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3. You feel like you're a different person around others than you are by yourself

Bottling up your emotions can create a divide between who you think you are and how others see you. You might feel exhausted, anxious or jaded in private ,but your friends might see you as confident and calm.

If you avoid expressing yourself you might feel like you have two separate faces and that no one truely knows you, perhaps you're not sure yourself who you are.


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4. You often feel uncomfortable around highly emotional people

If you suppress yourself you might think that crying or screaming is embarrassing or bad, but more subtly you'll just feel uncomfortable around highly emotional people who visibly express their emotions.

 You might struggle with how to react or how to offer comfort to them in their time of distress, especially if emotions hold a sort if stigma and pain for you especially.


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5. You experience life from a third person perspective

Maybe you are at a mall with your friend and everyone is having fun, but you feel as if you are observing the fun, rather than fully engaging in it and feel distant. You may also find intimacy difficult and have only a few close friends.

By bottling up your emotions you distance yourself from how you feel. It makes not only anger and sadness hard to express but also expressing happiness and joy.


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6. You avoid confrontation and never address the cause of your emotion

Perhaps you feel powerless over your own life. You're unable to think deeply about your emotions nor can you talk to others about they make you upset. Even if you bottle your emotions, you can still feel angry and sad, but instead of finding the cause of the negativity , you numb yourself to the pain.

You fear any sort of confrontation and you avoid your emotions just like you avoid emotional people


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Express yourself

Psychologist Perpetua Neo explains that: emotions shouldn't be so fear inducing. They exist for a reason. Infact, she calls them our "first intel in a war", beacuse they often a sign that something is wrong and needs fixing.

 You can learn to let in your emotions and use them to identify changes that need to be made in your life.


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