To Have the Great Life You Deserve, Do These 6 Things - Deepstash

Seriously, if you don’t believe you deserve good things — and a good life —they won’t come to you. You will (unconsciously) sabotage what’s good in your world — and you’ll end up settling for less. This is true of work, money, relationships — everything. You deserve good things and good people in your world. Own it.



I credit author Kathrin Zenkina for this line. It’s true BUT only if you make deposits — a lot of them. If you sit back and expect the Great ATM of Life to keep spitting out the goodies at you (without you putting in any hard yards), you need a reality check. Life is a give, as well as take, arrangement. More give. So aim to do some good in the world. Be a friend. Or do a favour. A kindness. An act of service. In one way or other, it will return to you.



Thinking and dreaming doesn’t just mean staring into the void — although most of us have done plenty of that in the past year. Active thinking and dreaming is more productive. So set aside some time to think and dream into a notebook, your laptop or your phone. Capturing your ideas is important. They won’t always be great ones, some of them will be awful, but — somewhere in there — you’ll find a golden nugget.



We all devote too much time and energy to things — and people — that aren’t good for us. So run a critical eye over your own landscape and note what, and who, is hurting you or holding you back. It may be hard to wipe toxicity out altogether but at least point yourself in the right direction by cutting back on it. You’ll be amazed at how freeing it is.



Over-thinking is a rabbit hole. As humans, we have a tendency to spend too much time in up our own heads and paying attention to our own wayward thoughts, which, ultimately, just spins us around in circles. Action is the best circuit-breaker for this. When we take action on our ideas or goals, we drag our thoughts and feelings along for the ride. And that ride takes them to a healthier and more productive destination.


We too often limit our lives by worrying about what others think of us: Whether they will criticise us or talk about us behind our backs. Which is weird because people will do that anyway, even if we do nothing much with our lives. But the sad thing is worrying about the opinions of others stops us from dipping into our curiosities, and venturing into the unknown.


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