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How game concepts can enhance your life and your business

In general, game design concepts (ideas that you often see in games) may collaborate with any other experiences of our lives with 3 core benefits:

  • Changing Behaviors
  • Developing Skills
  • Enabling Innovation



by Brian Burke

Changing Behaviors

Have you realized how once you've started playing a game while waiting for the bus, and now you simply can't wait for it doing anything else?

That's the power of changing behaviors through games.

By adding game elements that make activities challenging or rewarding, you can: create habits, enhance efficiency, or even making a system crowdsourced.

Take the Waze app for example: by recognizing good deeds, people actually want to make maintenance of the app for the community!


Developing Skills

You're not the same person when you finish a game in comparison to when you've started.

Through smooth tutorials, increasing challenges, and keeping you in the flow mindset, games will most certainly help you to master something, even if it is a game-related skill.

By using these game elements, you can enhance other experiences and make them more effective while teaching something! It can be a presentation, a class, an app (like Duolingo), or pretty much anything.


Enabling Innovation

Have you noticed how making mistakes in a game is completely fine? You ofter get a second chance or, in worst case scenarios, this won't impact your life severily.

That safe environment that allows you to fail may be the perfect scenario to enable people to innovate.

While innovating with game elements, people won't be needing to worry about risks, resources, judgements.

Take the game Fold It as an example: it allows people to play while helping researchers to innovate in the medicine field.


Brian Burke

Gamification can provide the structure to engage, motivate, and focus the innovation activities of the crowd, whether they are employees, customers, or communities of interest.


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