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4 Things Self-Disciplined People Don’t Do

4 Things Self-Disciplined People Don’t Do


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4 Things Self-Disciplined People Don’t Do

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Relying on Willpower

People with a lot of self-discipline understand that willpower is a last resort.

Willpower should never be a primary strategy for accomplishing difficult things.

Better to avoid temptations in the first place than trying to resist them.

How would I achieve my goals if I had zero willpower?


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Waiting for Motivation

Self-disciplined people view motivation as extra credit — nice to have when it shows up, but never to be expected or counted on.

Feeling a surge of motivation is not required to do hard things.

Self-disciplined people don’t fall into this trap because they understand the true nature of the relationship between feeling and action:


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Trusting your feelings

Self-disciplined people know that feelings are not to be trusted.

Self-discipline requires a healthy skepticism of your own emotions.

Emotions are behavioral heuristics — your mind’s guesses about how you should act. Worth paying attention to, but not to be followed blindly.


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Worrying about Outcomes

Self-disciplined people have a knack for staying focused on effort and ignoring outcomes.

Self-disciplined people are able to make consistent progress toward their goals precisely because they don’t spend much time thinking about them.

Spending too much time thinking about your goals is a distraction from the things you actually have control over — your actions.

The best attitude toward outcomes and goals is to “set it and forget it.”


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