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How to Master Creativity and Uncover Your Creative Genius

How to Master Creativity and Uncover Your Creative Genius


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Don‘t fear of Creating junk ..

Compelling is like being a gold miner. You have to sift through pounds of dirt and rock and silt just to find a speck of gold in the middle of it all. Bits and pieces of genius will find their way to you, if you give yourself permission to let the muse flow .

Sometimes you have to c...

Create a schedule ..

Creativity doesn't come in a day or two , it comes through continuous work and efforts . Set a schedule for your work. Genius arrives when you show up enough times to get the average ideas out of the way. By working on your average ideas daily you come up with your best ideas and it motivates you...

Finish with something ..

Finish something. Anything. Stop researching, planning, and preparing to do the work and just do the work.

If you start a work , just finish it . Don't leave the half done work behind . Nobody becomes great by their half finished work . It doesn't matter how good or bad it is , just finish...

Don't judge yourself ..

It is natural to judge yourself , as everybody expects their work is to get that reaction or popularity what they expects . But when they don't ge it they feel disappointed and judge themselves , and due to this many discontinue their work .

But the key is to not let your discont...

Share your work publicly ..

Share your work publicly. It will hold you accountable to creating your best work. It will provide feedback for doing better work. And when you see others connect with what you create, it will inspire you and make you care more.

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