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Set Yourself Started and Going

Set Yourself Started and Going


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Set Yourself Started and Going

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Isaac Asimov (January 2, 1920 — April 6, 1992)

The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds new discoveries, is not “Eureka!” (I found it!) but “That’s funny . . . . .”


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Start from Curiosity

The answer to “I don’t know how to get started.” isn’t too complex :-

  1. Just know why you need to start ?
  2. Then find `where` you will start from ?
  3. "You start from curiosity"

If the reason is not clear, it may wear you off from continuing,

The reason to start should not halt you from the start. You just spark it from curiosity.


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Begin to weave and God will give the thread.


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Let it guide you along the way

  • Know," why you want to start ? "
  • " Where you see yourself ultimately (vision)? "

You can discover " how to do it efficiently? " , along the way.

  • i.e. Start from an intent to discover and improve, then plan, and adapt according to discoveries along the way.

Don't panic when you don't know where it is leading to, because that's why you set out to explore .


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Start Small And Simple

More than often, we suffer paralysis under over-analysis.

  • Start from something really small and frictionless to start from.(like a behaviour or habit)
  • “Newton’s First Law of Productivity and Procrastination” :-- To overcome inertia,we simply set it on motion


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It takes time

  1. By getting it started and moving may not gain momentum at first, but it overcomes the inertia or procastination.
  2. No perfection needed, but set some routine to overcome inertia in future.
  3. Remove or refine the techniques later.
  4. Remind yourself that things don’t grow over night, and you had budded and sparked — the start.


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Finding Meaning And Purpose

"Meaning and purpose are not matured overnight, they are nurtured over time."

  1. Keep growing and improving the purpose of your goal .
  2. The true meaning and purpose will slowly reveal itself to you as well.


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Monitor and measure

To observe the Progress

  • Have a plan to measure and understand the progress .

It gives the clarity and growth

  • More you do = more data you collect

Note:- Ensure that the data is collect from various approaches, not just a simple single source.


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W. Edwards Deming

Without data, you’re just another person with an opinion.


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 Refine your tools

  • Do research, build tools and improve processes to increase efficiency.

For example :The Great Pyramid builders did not bruteforce their construction and toiled their laborers to undeserved exhaustion. Instead, they innovated their methodologies and tools.


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Clear Mental blocks and blind spots

Set some time for mental shifts.

  • Pause, Review ,revisit and rethink old assumptions.
  • Is there something unthought of that may create conflicts later?(blind spots)
  • But don't over-analyse and don't be anxious.

Note: sometimes it's not possible to avoid all mental blocks.


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— Bruce Bueno de Mesquita

“When you are saying ‘it is impossible’, you are confused with ‘I don’t know how to do it’.”


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Learning and evolving is must.

Never wait for things to happen. Fail fast, fail forward.

  • Improvise, re-adapt, re-model, re-organize and move out swiftly.

" Collect data, trace processes and mine insights for better decisions "


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Prefer Mutual benifit over being alone

Helping others must be the part of the plan. Your plan needs an ecological support.

It is hard to compound growth alone.

  • Focus on mutual evolution of people, process and product.

Cultivating one’s character to be part of the mutual benefit is key to the success of the individual.


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MIkail eliyah

The process does not just change the craft, it also shapes the craftmen, as part of it’s product evolution.


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Facing Exhaustion

Sometimes, we think we may be lost and not getting anywhere,

  • look at where you have been , where you are now and re-think what all this is about.

When the dawn breaks, we may realized the darkness we grope within isn’t as futile as we once thought.


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What’s important in battle isn’t speed. It’s carrying yourself with composure and bravery. That’s everything.


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How to plan?

Confusion and complexity create inertia and procrastination.

  1. Plan should be simple, well-focused,
  2. It should be as clear and detailed, that it can be followed step-wise.
  3. Formulate a seperate system and regime to manage your bad mood in future.

Give it a boost of dopamine, oxytocin, endorphin and serotonin, to fuel and propel yourself forward.


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Get familiar with momentum

The work should take on its own life and form, and re-invent itself.

  • Be only a catalyst conducting the`flow` in your work and design.
  • Let the work, by itself, crave out and pave its own `flow`.
  • Build familiarity by regularly showing up.

Familiarity is a powerful driving force. It is a sense of comfort and assurance of certainty, which eventual forms the basis of habits.

Get yourself used and familiar to the keep going attitude, it builds the momentum.


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