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The “100 Day Game”: The Scheme to Author Your Life

The “100 Day Game”: The Scheme to Author Your Life

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You have to affect the change in the brain chemistry or the way the brain is wired for that chemistry.



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The 100 Day Game (Project Ayahuasca)

The 100 Day Game (Project Ayahuasca)

Aim is to rewire the human behavior and thinking through continuous induced conditioning.

You can become an enhanced version of yourself.

  1. Through neuroplasticity and neurogenesis, you can re-condition your self by acquiring skills, ability and behavioral change
  2. Using this scheme you can create an affect on structure of your physical brain over time.
  3. This scheme is a process, of learning and stimulating new neurological adaptation for permanent cerebral (brain wiring) changes.

The behavioral changes and longer term character transformations are promising.


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The Phase 1 : Germination

In Phase 1, the scheme has folowing rules:

  1. One must commit to an activity in each domain of their life.
  2. There are 4 domains: Pnuema (character cultivation), Psyche (intellectual ability), Soma (physical ability), and Opus (skill set in an employable field).
  3. The game/scheme lasts 100 days.


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How to score ?(For evaluation)

How to score ?(For evaluation)

  1. Add 2 points for completing a daily task in any domian (for that particular domain only)
  2. Minus 2 points , if one fail their contract (task) in any domain.
  3. Plus 1 , if one can do another 50% in any domain.
  4. If an attempt is made but it does not fulfill the task, they maintain a score of 0 on that task for the day.


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You are supposed to hunt for the best conditions.(i.e. Kairos) and bad conditions(i.e. Anti Kairos)


  • Note down the feelings and thoughts of the day.

If there is a significant event or note worthy incident, they should log that too.

Why use journal?

journals is to find the supportive conditions (kairos) helping them with their tasks, whether it be a

  • time that is most opportune, a person who is notably helpful, a place that is most conducive, tools or techniques that are useful, etc.


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3 Cardinals or Principles to follow

3 Cardinals or Principles to follow

To win the game successfully one must follow below 3 Cardinals :

Cardinal Principle 1 (Milo’s Paradigm):

  • Performing changes/tasks that are easy, gradual, incremental, and subconsciously done.
  • The only conscientious thing is daily review.

Cardinal Principle 2 (Ulysses’ Pact):

  • Adhere to the pre-designed plan that was laid with rationality and forethought, and do not let the distractions derail you.
  • This cardinal will see you through troubled times.

Cardinal Principle 3 (Game of Herculean Labors):

  • Innovate on the problems faced, and seek to be resourceful.


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Importance Of Each Cardinal

Importance Of Each Cardinal

These Cardinals helps to solidify the habits into reflexes.

Cardinal 1 :

  • It keeps one’s mind on their plan and its momentum.

Cardinal 2 :

  • Holds the person on track throughout their chain of actions with pre-committed determination or commitments .
  • It also warns the person that there will be distractions to derail him/her.

Cardinal 3 :

  • Helps in innovation and overcoming.

The 3 cardinals shape the person daily, in both attitude and aptitude.

The brain, forms new pathways which also reforms one’s character.


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4 Domains to work on

1. Pnuema(character cultivation)

2. Psyche(intellectual ability)

3. Soma (physical ability)

4. Opus (skill set in an employable field)


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1. Pnuema(character cultivation):

This domain is not about mental capability from memorizing details to manipulating numbers or abstract concepts instead,

There are 2 foci in this domain — encraty (self-control) and volition (self-will).

  1. Encraty (self-control) regards having the control when the desires or weaknesses set in. With this strengthened, "one will be less of a victim and subject to the mental derailment that discourages or distracts one from the task. "
  2. Volition (self-will) regards having the "determination and courage to maintain one’s stance"

The 2 foci must come from clear thinking and not from stubbornness .


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2. Psyche(intellectual ability):

This domain focuses on mental faculty that empowers mental clarity and enhaces the range of awareness about various topics.

  • For example subject may work on 11 intelligence posited by Howard Gardner.
  • Build up mental facilities that comprises of acquired mental model and framework of thoughts to assist in the rationalization of all matters of rationality and reasoning.

With mental faculties and mental facilities building and compounding upon each other, the subject will greatly extend their horizon of insights and heighten their awareness.


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3. Soma (physical ability):

The scheme is not complete without the synergy of body and mind.

  • In this domain, the subject focuses on elevating their stamina, strength and both their mental and physical endurance.


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4. Opus (skill set in an employable field):

  • The focus is on the person’s skills that are desired by the labor market to ensure and enhance their employability.
  • For example any in-demand job skill or any job skill you want to have.

This may take away part of the individual’s worries and stress while functioning in the economy and corporate society.


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Why play 100 day game of survival?

  • With all the above progressing in tandem, subjects can gradually morph his/her character as if they are re-adapting to be another version of themselves — "faster, stronger, smarter and kinder."


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Confidence requires evidence, you have to build the case over time to win it. Respect requires warrant, you have to earn it. All requires works, not words. If faking till you make it, is your own hope, it will only be a time that it falls on it’s own emptiness.



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Objectives of Phase 1

Objectives of Phase 1

For Phase 1, the objective is

  1. Get used to understanding how to use the system. Start with a habit that is so easy and trivial for you, there is little to negligible inertia to begin with.
  2. Increase the task gradually and lightly.
  3. Micro-progress, cumulatively, and gradually gaining momentum, compounds into a big impact.
  4. Increment without conscious thinking. It should be undetectably gradual or impalpable.
  5. If you are able to do more than usual, that is consider a new stage.
  6. Be conscious and forgiving that you may retrograde. It may indicate that you are not ready to mature that stage yet.

Log the events and draw a chart to observe the trend.

List the barriers and impedance, both actual and psychological, honestly face them and resolved them innovatively as indicated by cardinal 3.

When new methods are found, re-attest them.


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Hunting for Kairos -- Anti kairos

Hunting for Kairos -- Anti kairos

This is the central idea of getting the state and method to that state to re-engineer the person.

  • `Kairos` is a Greek concept of the state of `optimal time, place, way, and with whom ` of doing things.
  • 'Anti-Kairos' are the conditions that drag down a person’s motivatiions, mental energy and performance.

Kairosmaybe synchronous or asynchronous.

  1. Synchronous Kairos are cyclical or seasonable; they are time-based or specific.
  2. Asynchronous Kairos are event-based or conditional.

One has to mine the Kairos to adjust oneself for optimal, peak performance.

They can be mined from the daily logs and charts used to monitor and observe the “breath test”

(a way to help diagnose a number of conditions. Analogously to the “breath test” done to check how a person is breathing in medical diagnosis, by analyzing human endurance in this case, we can measure the amount work load a person can take, and the factors that determine it) of the game.

  • Tabulate the Kairos and Anti-Kairos , along with the methods that promote or discourage them, so that you can be aware of what they are.
  • With time and diligence, these methods become part of us, developing us into a state known as “subconscious competence”, effectively building an enhanced character and competency.


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What is breath test?

  • A way to help diagnose a number of conditions.
  • Analogously to the “breath test” done to check how a person is breathing in medical diagnosis, by analyzing human endurance
  • In this case, we can measure the amount work load a person can take, and the factors that determine it.


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Once you become the system, discipline and motivation are just the side effects. — Mi’kail Eli’yah



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Phase 2

Phase 2

… to be continued — in Phase 2


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