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Cracking the Interview

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What is Possible? Introduction to the 6-Steps Approach

What is Possible? Introduction to the 6-Steps Approach

  1. It’s possible to make $20,000 in just four hours — per month.
  2. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist, have advanced degrees, or spend years risking your life savings building a startup with a 90%+ chance of failure.
  3. My four-hour work month is made possible by one simple, attainable decision that you, too, have the power to make.
  4. It’s the one-to-many approach that allows me to remove the cap on my earnings, charge a premium, and still limit my required time investment to one hour per week.


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Step 1 : Identifying Your Value-Add

Step 1 : Identifying Your Value-Add

Think about what service you have - to offer the world — this could be based on your personal or professional experience, and it can truly be anything.


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Step 2 : Assigning a Dollar Value to Your Time

Step 2 : Assigning a Dollar Value to Your Time

  1. Decide on an hourly rate you feel comfortable with — this could be $100/hour, $250/hour, $500/hour, etc.
  2. When you decide on this hourly rate, think about how much value you’re offering a person who gets a full, undivided 1-on-1 hour of your time and attention.
  3. Think hard, and don’t undervalue yourself.


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Step 3 : Removing the Limiting Factor

Step 3 : Removing the Limiting Factor

  1. Now ABANDON the idea of 1-on-1 clients.
  2. Why? They’re the limiting factor in the equation of time and money.
  3. There’s no amount of money great enough to increase the number of hours you have in a week or a month, so taking on 1-on-1 clients is doing yourself a financial disservice and accepting the very costly sacrifice of capping your income potential.


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Step 4 : Crafting the Package

Step 4 : Crafting the Package

  1. Decide how many hours a client or customer needs to get a significant, worthwhile benefit from your services. Is it two, three, five, ten?
  2. Is there a natural progression to the service you would provide or a methodical way to break down its various aspects to offer clients a robust transformation, spread over that number of sessions?
  3. Craft a multi-session package around it — but remember, we won’t be entertaining 1-on-1 clients here.


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Step 5 : Multiplying Your Earnings Potential

Step 5 : Multiplying Your Earnings Potential

  1. Consider the level of personalization required from your services and determine how many people could realistically benefit from a joint session.
  2. That number may be five, ten, fifty, or maybe even unlimited — but you’ll want to ensure you’re being thoughtful about providing the customers a positive experience and outcome.


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Step 6 : Reconstructing Your Package Pricing

Step 6 : Reconstructing Your Package Pricing

  1. Discounts: Proper pricing should take into account a session-sharing discount to ensure customers feel that they’re getting a bargain.
  2. Sweeteners: It should also cover the increased value of any “sweeteners” or bonuses that set this multi-package offer apart from a typical 1-on-1 session.
  3. Exclusivity: If this is a one-time or exclusive, limited package — perhaps something you only offer once or twice a year, or something you limit to a certain number of students — you can increase that price.


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The Formula for $20,000 Offer Pricing (Intro to Sample Formula)

The Formula for $20,000 Offer Pricing (Intro to Sample Formula)

  1. The formula below uses sample pricing and ballpark discounts and upsells to illustrate how this type of offer can easily generate $20,000 in just a few hours of your time.
  2. You can easily modify the formula below by plugging in your chosen hourly rate, the number of hours included in your multi-session package, your session-sharing discount (entirely up to you), and your exclusivity upsell if you have one.


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1 - Maximum Price, Not Including Exclusivity Upsell :

1 - Maximum Price, Not Including Exclusivity Upsell :

Multiply your hourly rate by the number of hours you plan to offer in a multi-package session. Assuming an hourly rate of $250 and a four-hour package:

  • Hourly rate ($250) x 4 hours = $1,000

This should give you the upper limit of the price range (for a single customer) since this formula assumes no multi-session or session-sharing discount.


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2 - Apply Session-sharing discount, e.g. 40% Off

2 - Apply Session-sharing discount, e.g. 40% Off

  1. Now that you’ve determined the upper limit of your individual customer pricing for the multi-package session, you can apply a session-sharing discount.
  2. Assuming the above $1,000 maximum multi-session package price and a 40% session-sharing discount:
  • $1000 x (1 — 0.4) = $600
  • The above example employs a 40% session-sharing discount.
  • But there’s no right answer to the ideal or appropriate discount here; it’s completely up to you.


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3 - Now, Add In the Exclusivity Upsell :  e.g. 20% Up

3 - Now, Add In the Exclusivity Upsell : e.g. 20% Up

  1. The exclusivity upsell accounts for the fact that this multi-session package offer is special.
  2. Perhaps it encompasses a more robust curriculum or wider set of services than months of 1-on-1 sessions would typically address. Or perhaps it includes some special bonus that is typically reserved for premium clients.
  3. Perhaps it’s a one-time opportunity that you may never offer up again — at least not for this reasonable price.
  4. Assuming a 20% exclusivity upsell on the above $600 discounted package price, we can arrive at our final price:
  • $600 x (1.2) = $720


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4 - Turning $720 into $20,000

4 - Turning $720 into $20,000

But how the heck will you turn four hours and a $720 price tag into $20,000 in revenue? It’s actually easier than you might think.

  • $20000 / $720 = 27.78 (let’s round up to 28)

All you need is 28 people to sign up for your exclusive, discounted, robust, four-session package — which you’ll deliver via one-hour/week live calls over four weeks — and you’ll have made $20,000. It really is that simple.


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Repeatable & Reusable Contents

Repeatable & Reusable Contents

  1. Once you’ve done the pre-work, you’ll have a repeatable model and reusable content that can be monetized in a myriad of ways.
  2. This six-step strategy will grant you unlimited upside earning potential and the ability to help more people than you ever expected, including those who couldn’t necessarily afford your full 1-on-1 client pricing.
  3. This strategy can work across multiple industries.


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Rachel Greenberg

The sooner you remove limiting factors and disconnect your time from your earnings potential, the sooner you’ll be able to reap outsized rewards and get paid for the value of your contribution, rather than the hours you clock.



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