If you are thinking of a career change, you should first evaluate whether you are changing for the right reasons.

by evaluating your provisional self you will learn if a career change into the field of interest is right for you.

You can evaluate yourself by:

  1. Providing consultancy in the field by writing short articles of advice.
  2. Think of new ideas to innovate in the field and build a network to communicate them.

From doing this, you will learn if you are passionate about the career change



Your Professional Development Doesn’t Need to Be Put on Hold


Look back at your past career choices and find a common thing or task between all of them. It may be to assist in people’s finances or organising resources.

whatever it is, that common thing is something you are passionate about and enjoy. So when looking for a career change ensure you still feel fulfilled by the work you do.

And you can guarantee this by self-reflecting on your past work.


In the short time you have to think about a career change, continue to capture new ideas and explore further.

Ensure you learn about all the opportunities that are possible for you and jot down which ones seem interesting.

This way, you can grow in knowledge about the ideas and things that motivate you. This also ensures your next career is full of those things that excite you.


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